• TFA dice game based on popular Satoshi dice
  • MoonPets metaverse, Aavegotchi-inspired game with our pet’s



The first community funded apparel and fashion store that seeks to cater global crypto merchandising business. TFA store will be the one-stop shop for raising crypto drip levels and be a turnkey provider for blockchain based events.

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for your modern digital needs.

We offer a variety of services, ranging from developing intricate payment protocols and web 3 dapps or help to establish organic community. We have expertise in the gaming industry.


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24/7 constant monitoring


High APY to our delegators

Complete Accountability


Top of the notch hardware

Real time updates & more

TFA Tokenomics

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Loyalty Program for our delegators

TFA derives its strength from the community it has harbored; we reward and reinvest in our people and appreciate them for impactful participation within and beyond the Moonbeam ecosystem with weekly raffle.

Longer you stake more raffle tickets you get

1 raffle ticket will be added to your account each week

Monthly jackpot

TFA is Funded by Utopia venture capital.

Collators serve a critical role on the Moonbeam and Moonriver networks by producing blocks and maintaining the network. We have the Largest Fleet of community operated Blocks Production Nodes on Moonbeam and Moonriver parachains with unparalleled hardware to cater both current and future networking needs.

We like to reward delegators with greater benefits.

Every project has its own unique goals and vision. Whatever your project demands, our extended network of strategists, creatives and technology specialists is always eager to pitch in. We know it helps to know good people.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To be eligible for the weekly giveaways, enter your Telegram ID & wallet address that fits any of the below criteria.

  1. Stakes with ✈️ UTOPIA & TF ALPHA - Moonbeam
  2. Stakes with ✈️ UTOPIA & TF ALPHA - Moonriver
  3. Stakes with ✈️ UTOPIA & MoonPets.app - Moonbeam
  4. Hold 🦊MoonPets NFT

Please keep all of your MoonPets in one wallet (The staking one if applicable), as this will give you a combined weight.

All the tickets are in the pool and pick the 200 winners for weekly rewards by the random selection.

  • GLMR staking : GLMR (TFA or MoonPets) / 500
  • MOVR staking : MOVR (TFA) / min Bonding
  • MoonPets : Rarity Score X 0.02
  • Royalty Staking Bonus : 1 Ticket per 1 Week for GLMR holders
  • For instances, if John stakes 10,000 GLMR and 28 MOVR and has 2 moonpets(each rarity has 85 and 30) and assuming the minimum bonding for MOVR is 5.
    • Total tickets : (10,000 / 500) + (28 / 5) + (85+30) X 0.02 = 27.9 [email protected] (GLMR holding 10.5 weeks)
      ➔ 38 Tickets (Note : Only integer value can be used for ticket)

The wallet must be sent by before Sunday 14:00 UTC for the next Sunday draw.

If there are revoke or unbonding the GLMRs during the raffle weeks, you are not eligible for the royalty bonus.

It is sufficient to complete this form only once per address.

Please be aware that your Telegram ID & wallet address could be shared upon request with the TFA DAO, which consists of 30 members.